Sunecon KR-6130 tẩy rửa khuôn nhựa

Sunecon KR-6130 tẩy rửa khuôn nhựa

Cleaning agent for resin molding diesSan Econ KR-6130/ Tẩy rửa khuôn nhựa Sunecon Kr-6130

San-Econ KR-6130 is a cleaning agent for resin molding dies. Sunecon KR-6130 là chất tẩy rửa cho khuôn đúc ép nhựa.

It is possible to remove dirt such as gas and tar that is generated during molding and adheres to the mold.

In addition, San-Econ KR-6130 does not fall under the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law and the Fire Service Law, so it is easy to manage and handle.

Sunecon KR-130 là chất tẩy rửa cho khuôn đúc ép nhựa.

Có thể tẩy rửa các vết bẩn như ám khí và nhựa cháy sinh ra trong quá trình đúc ép nhựa.

Hơn nữa, Sunecon Kr-6130 không chứa các thành phần nguy hiểm, và không bắt cháy. Có thể dễ dàng sử dụng và bảo quản.


product name KR-6130
Properties, etc. alkalinity

Main applications and achievements

Cleaning of resin molding mold

Cleaning of molding dies of various resins (PC resin, PVC resin, etc.)

Tẩy rửa khuôn nhựa

Tẩy rửa khuôn ép nhựa cho nhiều loại nhưa (PC, PVC

Feature appearance Light yellow transparent liquid

Chất lòng trong suốt vàng nhạt

specific gravity About 1.2 (20 ℃)
PH About 13 (10%)
how to use Liquid temperature Normal temperature to 80 ° C

Nhiệt độ thường đến 80*C

concentration Undiluted solution-dilutable

Pha với nước hoặc không pha với nước

Usage Immersion (The cleaning effect is increased by using both shaking and ultrasonic waves.)

Ngâm( hiệu quả nâng cao nếu vừa sóc vừa dùng máy siêu âm

Post-processing Wash with water

Pha với nước

Related regulations Poisonous and Deleterious Law
Fire Service Act
Safety Law
(Notification substance)

Potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide

Áp dụng:


Water Pollution Control Law pH, COD, BOD
Precautions for use Do not use metals such as aluminum and zinc as they dissolve in alkaline components and generate hydrogen gas.

The alkaline residue after washing adversely affects molding, so wash thoroughly with water.

After washing with water, air blow is performed and it is recommended to apply a rust preventive as a rust preventive measure.

When using, be sure to wear protective equipment such as rubber gloves and glasses.

If it gets on your body such as skin or eyes, wash it off immediately with water and see a doctor if necessary.

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for detailed contents for safe use.

Packing 18kg can

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