Minic III ultrasonic welding machine for wire

Minic III ultrasonic welding machine for wire

Minic-III- ultrasonic welding machine

mimic III

With the Minic-III we offer the most modern, fastest as well as most user-friendly and low-maintenance ultrasonic welding machine on the world market today. The machine covers the range of cross-section sizes that include 99% of your welding jobs. A benchmark for the worldwide leading wire-harness manufacturers, this machine has delivered the best welding results with respect to strength, Cmk / Cpk as well as the visual appearance of the splices produced, in all applications.

Further cross-sections and applications are possible – please contact us.


  • Automobiles
  • Construction equipment
  • Transportation
  • Household appliances / white goods
  • 360° view

Application of Mimic III

Inline splices
minic inline welding

Copper strands are welded together to form an inline splice. The process is suitable for many different applications with a wide range of splice combinations and cross sections, often in pre-assembly systems. The machines can be installed in a table.


  • Cable: Copper
  • Cross section: 0,26-200 mm²

Aluminium inline splices

The same machine is also suitable fro weding aluminium wires as for welding copper connections. Only one tool change is necessary. This applies to all splicer systems.


  • Cable: aluminium
  • Cross section: 3-200 mm² (smaller cross sections are also possible)

End or butsplicing

minic III end or butsplicing

Copper strands are welded to form an end splice. This is mainly done on the assembly board in line production.


  • Cable: copper
  • Cross section: 0,26-200 mm²

Small cross sections

minic small cross sections

Moreover, the Minic series is specially designed for the main applications range from 0,26 to 30 mm². From the smallest to the largest cross section, the system is ready for immediate use without modifications or the exchange of components.


  • Material: CuMg, CuSn, other alloys
  • Cross section: 2 or 3 x 0,13 mm²

Cascade welding (aluminiu-copper-connections)

minic III

In order to reduce weight and costs in modern automobiles, aluminium wires are increasingly being used in wire harnesses. Schunk Sonosystems has developed a technology known as cascade welding, which uses a two-stage welding process to weld aluminium cables to copper cables with high strength.


  • different material and cross section combinations are possible