Komax BT 712 Bench top crimper

Komax BT 712 Bench top crimper

Komax bt 712 – BenchTop crimper

komax bt 712

Komax BT 712 BenchTop crimper is a precise semi-automatic crimper press with great functionality and big benefits to users, all at good value for the money.


The semiautomatic bt 712 BenchTop crimper is compelling for its modern technology and sets new standards in quality and speed. This all-purpose crimper accommodates the use of all common commercial crimping tools so individual crimps previously done manually can be processed on it with great precision. In terms of safety features, the bt 712 has a safety cover equipped with a dual-channel safety system (RCS).

The software (currently in 16 languages) can be operated from a small touch screen interface (TCI). The crimper has a service tool integrated with a data memory for storing up to 500 articles, for making backups and for uploading updates.

The crimp force analyzer that comes with the crimper detects good and bad wires reliably and provides a detailed description of errors.

Proven and useful options such as short cable supernatant, bad crimper cutter (BCC) and a teminal strip chopper can all be integrated in the crimper to boost efficiency and process quality even more.

  • Quick changeover, setup and cycle times
  • Active quality monitoring even during setup
  • Minimal material used during setup
  • Integrated crimp force analysis CFA/CFA+
  • Easy to operate with TopTouch
  • Saving of machine and processing parameters
  • Good/bad sorting through elimination of bad crimps

Technical Data of Komax BT 712

Cross section range up to 6 mm² (AWG10)*
Crimp force 20 kN (2 tons)
Adjustable crimp height +5.00/-3.00 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Repeat accuracy +/-0.01 mm
Stroke programmable 10 – 40 mm
Cycle time (crimping) 0.3 sec

*Depends on the crimping tool/with optional short shield length of 23 mm


Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Precision cut Precision cut
Full stripping Full strip one side
Half stripping Half strip one side
Multi-conductor cable processing Multi conductor cable bt
Crimping Crimping bt
Double crimping Double crimping bt
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle one side